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benefits of sealcoating

  • Extends the life of the driveway and parking lot by preventing the asphalt from hardening and crumbling.
  • It creates an attractive, uniform coat over the pavement, especially if cracks and holes are properly filled before seal coating is applied.
  • Sealing protects the driveway from salts, chemicals, and moisture entering the pavement.
  • Seal coats are easy to apply squeegees or sprayers; homeowners or small businesses may be able to do this themselves rather than hiring a firm.
  • Seal coating is a cost-effective way of repairing or surfacing the existing pavement, extending the life of the pavement and driveway.

sealcoating prep

  • Check the weather forecast and select a period when dry weather is expected for at least 48 hours.
  • Barricade the driveway or parking lot to ensure that there is no traffic.
  • Do a general cleaning of the pavement by sweeping and power washing.
  • Oil spot prime all oil spots and apply a liquid sealer to deep cracks.
  • Patch deep holes with asphalt patching compound, packing it firmly to ensure a flat, solid surface.
  • Apply a liquid seal coat with a squeegee or sprayer over the entire surface, according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Check for spots missed, and, where necessary, plan for a second coat for the following day.
  • After the last seal coat has dried (generally about 36 hours), remove the barricades.
  • If striping for parking spaces is required, this can be applied after the surface has cured for at least 24 hours.
  • Once applied, you will need to protect the area for at least 36 hours, although most manufacturers specify 48 hours for the chemical to set and cure. Depending on the manufacturer's recommendation, the right time of the year to seal the coat is when temperatures are expected to drop no lower than 55 degrees, which will ensure that the product cures properly. Watch out for leaves and debris that might degrade the emulsion coating once it has been applied and before it has set.

application tips

  • Sand can be mixed with the product to create a non-slippery surface and to provide a little more consistency to the seal-coating product.
  • Use a pressure washer to prepare the driveway by cleaning all cracks and removing all debris and vegetation in the cracks.
  • Seal coating products can be used to cover cracks as wide as 1/8 inch, but don't try to use it on cracks that are wider. Larger cracks should be filled with a product designed for such use before the surface seal coating is applied. Rubberized crack sealer is ideal for repairing such cracks.
  • Oil stains should be removed using an oil stain primer prior to applying the seal-coating product.
  • Do not expect the seal coat process to fill up potholes. Instead, apply asphalt or pothole fill product to level these areas.
  • Before using up one bucket of seal-coating product, blend in the next bucket. There can be subtle differences in colors between buckets, and this method helps you maintain color uniformity over the entire surface.
  • Two or more thin coats are better than attempting to apply a single thick coat of sealer. Apply coats in alternating directions—with subsequent coats applied perpendicular to the preceding coat.
  • Be careful during application, as seal coat products will stain other areas, such as adjoining concrete surfaces.
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