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Integrity Pavement Solutions Lawn Rolling New York

What is Lawn Rolling?

Here at Integrity Sealcoating between April and May we use 3000 pounds vibrating asphalt roller for lawn rolling. Lawn Rolling collapses mole tunnels and other underground critter crawl spaces, fixes minor tire ruts, and smoothes out areas that heaved during the winter temperatures. For those who mow their own lawn, Lawn Rolling is a huge help to your body and to your mower too as you will have a much smoother lawn to cut.

Things to Consider Before We Roll

We request that all underground sprinkler heads, valve boxes, invisible dog fences, and shallow wiring for landscape lighting be flagged. Flags can be purchased at Home Depot, Menards, and Lowes for a very low price. We are not responsible for damage to buried items like sprinkler lines, sprinkler heads, valve boxes, buried utility wires (such as for landscape lighting), invisible dog fences, septic tanks and drain fields.

We have not had any problems with rolling over septic tanks and drain fields, but we prefer to avoid them if possible. Most sprinkler heads are buried deep enough in the ground that we don’t hit them, but that is a decision the client has to make on whether they want to take the chance.

Since we cannot control the weather, we provide all of our clients with an email a week in advance. We follow that up with an email the day prior to service as a reminder. The advance notice gives you time to get ready to water the lawn if we have dry conditions. This also give you time flag any buried items for our attention when we arrive.

What Lawn Rolling Won’t Do

The roller does not grade lawns. It will not take high places and fill in low spots. It will not fix all tire ruts. The lawn roller was meant to operate on flat asphalt, so it does not handle hills in a lawn too well. The roller can go up and down hills, but not traverse them. It can climb the hill of a walk out basement, as long as the slope is not straight up and down. If the hill slopes to a fence we may not be able to go up or down it.

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