Integrity Pavement Solutions Driveway Sealcoat Rochester NY

Sealcoating is our primary service, as it is offered 5 months from May to October. We prioritize Integrity, precision, cleanliness, and safety. We commit excellence and quality to our customers and their asphalt maintenance. Our products are eco-friendly and long-lasting. We offer crack filling to repair and protect our customer's asphalt. Pavement asset management allows repairs, restoration, and Maintenance to be done on a scheduled basis, giving property owners satisfaction and confidence that they will have safe, clean, beautiful asphalt.

This service captures the eyes of anyone parking on or walking on asphalt. It is as crucial as asphalt protection because it provides daily safety and instruction for civilians. We're proud to be able to offer affordable pavement marking, line stripping, and sports resurfacing.


Ask about our Pavement Maintenance Program!


Extend the life of your driveway by preventing the asphalt from hardening and crumbling.

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